Program Updates

SAXTAX will continue to update this page with program corrections. We suggest that you bookmark the page and check it periodically for any updates that may pertain to the programs that you use.

Important Note: Pay close attention to the “Date Posted” to be sure you have the latest update, as we may have added more changes to an update with an earlier date.  You should not use an update with an earlier date than your current program.

The Program Patch files include updates for all SAXTAX Programs, but will only update the Programs found on your system. Generally, the Patch can be downloaded on DSL or cable modems is in just a few minutes.

View the Readme file in the table below to review the program corrections included in the patch.

Instructions for downloading and using these fixes can be found below these tables!

Guide to create backup media for non-internet workstations

Quick Start Guide for Installing SAXTAX programs

Updates/Installations for 2018 (current year) SAXTAX Programs

File Name File Type Date
Updates and corrections
SAXTAX2018Update1023.exe Professional & Business Edition update 10/23/18 For a list of fixes see SAXTAX2018Update1023.rtf
SAXTAX2018Full1023.exe Full installation 10/23/18 SAXTAX 2018 full installation (including patches). You will need your installation code if it is your first time installing the software this year.

Instructions for Downloading and Loading Update files to your system.

Step 1, Download (or Save) the Files to your system:

  1. From the table above, click to select and download the “patch file” or complete installation. You must download the specified files one at a time. Once selected, if your browser asks, choose Save As to save the file to any location on your system.  Do not try to open or run the file from this web site. We suggest that you save downloaded files to your desktop or to a folder (for example, “My Downloads”) on your hard drive.
  2. When saving your file, note the name of the file:
    Full installation “SAXTAX2018Full<mody>.exe”
    Updates “SAXTAX2018Update<mody>.exe”
    Note: <mody> corresponds to the date of the patch or the date of the full installation.
  3. We virus check all files before putting them on the web, but it is a good practice for you to scan them after downloading them.

Step 2, Install the Program Files to your system:

The “.exe” file format is the “standard” installation used to install all SAXTAX programs. The “patch update” will only replace older or existing files, so be sure to install to the same drive and directory as your original SAXTAX Program files.

  1. In Windows Explorer or My Computer, locate the downloaded file and double click it to begin the installation.
  2. Follow the on screen prompts to complete the installation.

If you encounter any problems or have questions, please contact SAXTAX Technical Support. We will be happy to assist you with your programs.

Updates/Installations for 2017 (Last year’s) SAXTAX Programs

File Name File Type Date Posted Updates and corrections
SAXTAX2017Update1031.exe Professional & Business Edition update 10/31 For a list of fixes see SAXTAX2017Update1031.rtf
Full installation 10/31/2017 SAXTAX 2017 full installation (including patches).  You will need your installation code if it is your first time installing the software this year.

exe MD5:442502D86C03051AF317639410F88B80

Prior Year Help Updates File Type Date
Installation Instructions SAXTAX Help 02/23/2018 2017HelpUpdates.rtf