SAXTAX - Tax Preparation Solutions

SAXTAX offers a variety of forms to suit your tax filing needs. Whether you are looking for a couple of state forms, after-the-fact payroll or a full suite of tax software; SAXTAX has everything your office needs to make filing taxes simple and seamless. SAXTAX includes unlimited filing for every client so whether you are filing for 5,000 clients or just your own company, we can help. Since 1985 Profit Developers, Inc. and SAXTAX have been offering easy-to-use tax software programs with immediate, live tech support when you need it.

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Federal Programs

Florida State and County

1040 (Individuals) Florida Tangible Personal Property
1120 (Corporations) Florida Sales Tax Program
1120S (Small Business Corps) Florida RT-6 and Federal Payroll Tax Program
1065 (Partnerships) Florida Corporate Income Tax Program
1041 (Trusts and Estates)
Excise Tax (2290, 720 and 8849)

Georgia State

990 (Nonprofit Organizations) Georgia Sales Tax
Payroll (940, 941, 943, 945, W-2, 1095, and various 1099’s) [Free with state payroll purchase] Georgia DOL-4
Georgia Property Tax

Also the Program Manager (see below), the Depreciation Program (which is integrated with our Tangible and Federal programs), and our Network Management Module (that permits the use of all programs on a network).

The Professional Edition Programs start with our Program Manager which allows you to set up and maintain data for an unlimited number of clients.  It handles Client Organizers and Data Transfer from one year to the next.  The Program Manager gives you standard and customizable transmittal letters and bills, client control lists and mailing labels.  You can also monitor due date compliance for your clients with the Manager’s Tickler Due Date Monitor.

Add to the Program Manager any or all of our other programs.  The programs are separately priced, so you can purchase just those programs you need.  We also have package deals that will save you money on different combinations of programs.

Features found in all programs

  • All forms are on the sidebar so you can quickly go to the form you need and fill it out quickly.
  • Our input forms look like the printed forms so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.
  • Preview the printed return by pressing the right button above the sidebar (or from “File | Print Preview”)
  • Go back to the input forms by pressing the left button above the sidebar.
  • Get a PDF copy of the return under “File | View as PDF”
  • Instruct clients of filing requirements, payments due, refunds, and whether or not the return has been efiled using our integrated transmittal letters.
  • All our screens size dynamically. Text size grows as the screen expands.
  • Enter dates, EINs, and phone numbers without using the following keys: “(“, “)”, “-” and “/”. (Visually, they contain the characters)

Professional program manager

  • See all of your clients immediately when you open the program.
  • Sort by Client name or Client ID and view only certain client types (Individual, Corp, etc)
  • Select a client and see which returns are due, are on extension and have been printed without leaving the screen.
  • Manage clients by copying client information to another drive/directory
  • Track return statuses and associated responsible individuals
  • Batch print returns and extensions
  • Send and track efiled returns using our integrated webservice (IRS returns and FL Sales Tax)
  • See all returns due for the month, according to responsibility, using our due date tickler.
  • Print mailing labels
  • Optionally use our password manager for security.
  • Our tech support features IRS certified enrolled agents.
  • Backup and restore your clients to save disk space.
  • Access the current year and 3 prior years of returns from the same program.
  • Our network module allows network access and all preparers can customize their preparer information and their transmittal letters to their clients.
  • Prior year programs are available upon request.

Prices:  Prices are subject to early purchase and package discounts.  Order Online today or see our PDF Order Form for details.