SAXTAX Programs

Our Professional Edition Programs are designed to be used by tax professionals who prepare tax returns for their clients.

Our Professional Edition Programs include the following:

Federal Programs

State Programs

Also the Program Manager (see below), the Depreciation Program (which is integrated with our Tangible and Federal programs), and our Network Management Module (that permits the use of all programs on a network).

The Professional Edition Programs start with our Program Manager which allows you to set up and maintain data for an unlimited number of clients.  It handles Client Organizers and Data Transfer from one year to the next.  The Program Manager gives you standard and customizable transmittal letters and bills, client control lists and mailing labels.  You can also monitor due date compliance for your clients with the Manager’s Tickler Due Date Monitor.

Add to the Program Manager any or all of our other programs.  The programs are separately priced, so you can purchase just those programs you need.  We also have package deals that will save you money on different combinations of programs.

Prices:  Prices are subject to early purchase and package discounts.  See our Order Form for details.