Banking & Software Compatibility

Compatible Tax Preparation Software

Our efile Interchange transmission software works with several software companies to provide the same efiling experience at an affordable rate. Below you will find a list of companies we currently work with. We are always adding new companies, if you do not see your tax preparation software listed please contact our office and ask about future compatibility.

Electronic Filing Requirements

Federal Returns

The IRS requires all preparers to obtain a 6 digit EFIN in order to electronically file any federal returns. Those filers who would also like to file Federal payroll returns (940/941) must also obtain a five digit PIN.

  • Complete a form 8633

    This is the required form to obtain an EFIN and PIN. If you would like to efile Federal payroll returns as well please check off the 940/941 option on question number 4. You can complete the form 8633 two different ways. Either complete the paper form and mail or fax it in to the appropriate location listed on the form or you may sign up for e-services and complete one online. Once the IRS has received the form they will mail a finger print card. This is required for all preparers. You must bring it down to your local sheriff’s department, complete the finger printing and submit it to the IRS. This EFIN process can take up to eight weeks depending on the processing times of the IRS. If you are interested in efiling please complete this process as soon as possible.

  • Complete a form 8655 (Payroll Filers Only)
    The 8655 is required for all payroll filers. This form gives permission to your company and the EFIN associated with that company permission to efile your client’s payroll returns. Once you have completed one for each company you file, mail or fax it to the appropriate location.

Florida Returns

  • Register your company
    Whether you are a preparer or a corporation filing your own return, you must complete this process. Please Click Here to start this process.
  • Enroll for e-services
    Once you have registered your company you will enroll for e-services. Please Click Here to do so.
Have you forgotten your unemployment rate?
Obtain your annual unemployment tax rate dial 800-352-3671 and follow the list of prompts. You will need to provide your seven-digit Employer Account Number and your Federal Employer Identification Number.

Georgia Returns

  • Enroll with the GTC website

    Please Click Here and select “Register Your New Georgia Business” if your company is not registered at all with the Georgia DOR. If you are not a new business and have registered with the Georgia DOR select “Need To Set Up Online Access?”

  • Bulk Filing Enrollment
    Bulk filers or Service Providers, (a third party who, by agreement, files electronic tax transactions, either in bulk or single entry online, on behalf of taxpayer client,) can submit (upload) files to be processed. The File Upload link will only display for approved bulk filers. You must be approved by the Department in order to become a Bulk filer. Please Click Here for applications and procedures on how to become a bulk filer.

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State Website Links

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