EFile Interchange

When efile Interchange entered the market in 1995, efiling options offered by most tax software companies were average if any at all. PDI developed efile Interchange to bring additional filing and banking options to the tax preparation community. Since that time, efile Interchange has become a leader in the efiling industry offering efiling for more forms than any other software company.

Now in 2019 Efile Interchange is the only Direct to IRS A2A program that works with multiple tax software programs, including Prosystem fx, Intuit Lacerte and Thomson’s Ultra Tax. For the ultimate in privacy and security use Direct to IRS and eliminate sharing your customer returns with anyone. Call if you have questions (772) 337-2921.

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  • 1040
  • 1041
  • 1065
  • 1120/1120S
  • 990
  • State Income Tax
  • Payroll Forms 94x
  • Florida UCT-6
  • Florida Sales Tax
  • Georgia Sales Tax
  • Additional Forms Coming Soon!!!

In addition to efiling all the above listed forms, efile Interchange has banking options with River City Bank. To learn more about offering bank products, please click here.

efile Interchange ensures the utmost security during transmission of files while giving top-notch tech support to all of our users. Whether you choose to prepare your taxes with PDI’s SAXTAX Software where efiling is fully integrated, or compatible preparation software; efile Interchange can help.  Our users also love the ability to transmit all of their returns within one software, including Federal Individual and Corporate, State Income Tax, Federal Payroll returns 940, 941, 944 and Florida Reemployment Form RT-6.

Using efile Interchange means efiling with options. Users have the option to efile returns created with CCH Prosystem Fx and CCH CPAPayroll Visit Site, Creative Solutions Ultra Tax Visit Site, Intuit Lacerte Visit Site and Taxware Systems Visit Site. If you do not see your current preparation software listed, please contact our office as additional companies are added regularly.

In addition to all the choices efile Interchange offers individual preparers, we can also customize a program to fit your business needs. If you are interested in a program built to fit your needs, whether web-based or stand alone, PDI can assist you with completing your ideal tax program. Call us now to speak with one of our programming specialists.