SAXTAX Support

When you need help, SAXTAX provides Unlimited Telephone Support for all of its programs – even its free ones like the CPE Planner. And all of our support people are full-time, not just temporary help during tax season. These are the same people who help design and test our programs.

We know that when you need help – you need it now. That’s why you will always get to talk to a real person when you call us. 98.8% of our users rated us good to excellent for our telephone support!

Please consider the following before you call.  You may already have the answer to your question.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions
    Others may have had the same question you have.
  2. Program Help
    We’ve worked hard to try and anticipate questions and handle them in Program Help.
  3. Program Updates
    We update the programs weekly during tax season.  A missing form or a bug in the program may have been already corrected.

If you still need help call us at (772) 337-2921.  Or, if you prefer:

E-Mail our Technical Support Department at
FAX us at (772) 337-0651
Be sure to include your telephone number in your email or fax in case we need to call you