Reasons to Choose SAXTAX?

  1. Easy to Use
    If a single phrase or characteristic could be used to describe our programs, it would be “easy to use”. The most consistent compliment we get on our User’s Survey each year is that our programs are “easy to use”. We know how difficult taxes are. We’ve been there. You should not have to “learn” a program – it’s enough that you know taxes. If tax software doesn’t make return preparation easier, then why bother?
  2. Support
    SAXTAX provides Free Telephone Support for all its programs.All of our support people are full-time employees – not just temporaries during tax season. They are the same people who continue to design and test our programs. We understand the importance of being able to ask questions and get immediate answers during the busy season – that’s why you will always get to talk to a real person when you call us.We will never automate our telephone system in a manner that requires you to listen to recorded messages or punch a series of numbers to get a real person.
  3. Complete
    SAXTAX programs are complete in every respect. We do all the necessary forms. All forms are approved for filing. You can review returns on screen before printing to your laser printer. The programs produce bills and transmittal letters on request along with mailing labels for clients and control lists for managing client returns. You can even track client activities with our Tickler due date monitor. It’s all included at no extra cost. On-screen help is available at the touch of a key. Our manual provides additional assistance if you need it (which is seldom because our Programs are so easy to use). It is always easy to get carried away with “bells and whistles” in a program (which invariably makes the program more complicated), but SAXTAX achieves just the right balance of just enough and not too much.
  4. Free Demo
    From screen design to finished return, we invite you to compare SAXTAX to any other program – including programs that cost two to three times as much. And our FREE Demo makes it easy. Our Demo contains the complete Tangible Tax and 1040 Programs. It also includes our F1120, Depreciation, 1120, 1120S, 1041, 1065, 1040 and 990 programs.  All this is free so that you can compare us to anyone.  (Except for the Tangible and 1040 programs, printing of current year returns has been disabled.)
  5. Tax Expertise
    Our programs are written by a Florida CPA with over 20 years of experience in tax preparation. We recognize and deal with tough tax areas in a manner that makes return preparation easier for you. SAXTAX Programs have ALL the features you need for the speedy, efficient, and professional preparation of tax returns. Of course, in the final analysis, you are the expert – so it is always possible for you to override program calculations.
  6. Price
    Our Professional Edition Programs are designed for professional tax preparers.  They begin with the Program Manager, a valuable tool that handles client management, including the setup of standard bills and transmittal letters and a tickler due date monitoring system.  Our Professional Edition Florida programs include the Tangible and F1120 programs.  Our Professional Edition Federal programs include the 1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065, 1041, 990, Payroll Tax and Depreciation programs.  Click here to see our Professional Edition Program prices.

    • Our Prices are the Complete prices – We have no hidden charges. We offer unlimited technical support at no additional cost and FREE efiling with all of our programs!
    • Discounts – Each year we offer our Professional Edition users a 15% discount for purchase of the succeeding year’s programs by June 30.
    • Please – We invite you to compare our programs and prices to any other software provider.
  7. Timely
    We know that timely delivery of tax software is critical. Our expected distribution dates each year are:

    Depreciation Nov. 15 1040 Jan. 10
    Tangible Jan. 10 1120 Jan. 10
    F1120 Jan. 10 1120S Jan. 10
    Payroll Tax Mar. 22 1065 Jan. 10
    1041 Jan. 10 990 Jan. 10

    Early versions of the Program Manager, 1040, and Tangible Programs are released in mid-November so organizers can be printed. The early version also allows client data to be transferred in all programs.

  8. Longevity
    SAXTAX has been selling tax software since 1985. That is a long time for a tax software company. Remember Microtax? CPAID? Tax Partner? AMI? TAASC? We are a profitable company with a satisfied user base that will allow us to continue.
  9. Small Company
    We admit it. We are proud of it. We aren’t a large company (and don’t aspire to be one). We don’t want to be the Microsoft of tax preparation software. We will remain a small company that cares big about our service to you.  You have access to all of us – from the person who answers the phone to the person who writes the programs. Every customer is important to us. You know how frustrating it can be to get lost in the shuffle of a big company, or to have to talk to someone different each time you call.  We promise – that will never happen with SAXTAX.
  10. SAXTAX Limited Series
    Our Professional Edition programs are also available on a limited use (pay per return) price basis – ideal for the beginning practitioner or for anyone having just a few returns of one type to prepare. Get the same great advantages of our regular programs – then, when you’re ready to print, just call us (at our expense) for a special printing code. Please call us at (772) 337-2921 for more information and pricing for the SAXTAX Limited Series Programs.