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"PDI has proven themselves to be not only immediately responsive to any problems I might have encountered, but that rare entity, a company with a heart, understanding their clients, client needs and problems -- and always with a smile in the voice answering my questions."

Maggie Cooper

About Profit Developers, Inc.

Profit Developers Inc. (PDI) has revolutionized the tax industry for more than twenty years. We began as a small company looking for more versatility in electronic filing. Our Efile Interchange transmission software introduced in 1995. It offered many options to users who were looking to work with a specific bank and presented a more affordable efile option. Our current partners include: PDI SAXTAX, CCH Prosystem Fx, Intuit Lacerte , Thomson Ultra Tax, and Taxware Systems.

In 2007 PDI acquired SAXTAX Software. Since we have acquired SAXTAX we have added many new features and forms. Some include: Florida & Georgia Sales Tax, Connecticut, Colorado, Kentucky, and Georgia Unemployment Tax, 1040NR, Florida Tangible Importing, and many more!

More recently we have added to our list! SAXTAX-Online offers online access to your Florida Tangible, Sales, and Reemployment tax forms from any computer. Simply login and begin preparing and filing your returns! With a streamline design that is easy to navigate anyone can get started!

Call Now (772) 337-2921 for references and what you will find it we have the best customer service. We continue to help thousands of tax preparers find solutions for their tax software needs. The software in the PDI family offers competitive pricing with a user-friendly interface that really is effortless.

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