Telephone Support

If you need assistance for a problem that you cannot resolve, call SAXTAX at (800)678-1789. Before you call, please check the following:

  • Have you checked the program's on-line help? Press the F1 key.
  • Does the problem occur on more than one client?
  • Can the problem be duplicated? Exit the program and try again.
  • If the problem involves printing, do you have a copy that you can fax to us?
  • Are you at your computer? Many problems are difficult to diagnose unless we can work with you while you are at your computer.
  • What version of the program are you using? Check the version date under the Help menu item.

We also provide e-mail ( and Fax (877-721-7249) support. 

Don't hesitate to use our technical support. If you have any problems with or questions about our programs, let us help.

Phone: (772) 337-2921
Fax: (877) 721-7249
Web site:

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