State F1120

A great complement to your federal tax program. All you need to bring to this program from your Federal return is taxable income. F1120 returns for most clients are easy, but the SAXTAX F1120 program makes even the most complex returns a breeze. Apportionment factors, Florida AMT, penalties and interest - this program does it all! And, because the screens look just like the actual forms, you know exactly what information to enter in each field.

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State F1120, Page 1
State F1120, Page 1

F1120 Program Features

  • Instant Calculations with Ability to Override
  • Print Preview
  • Unlimited Number of Clients
  • Custom Client Bills
  • Batch Printing
  • Year-to-Year Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Toll-Free Tech Support
  • Custom Transmittal Letters
  • Tickler Due Date Monitor
  • Does Current and Prior Three Years Returns

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