Federal 1041

Our 1041 Program (Estates and Trusts) features easy data entry and the automatic calculation of allocations to beneficiaries.  Just enter beneficiaries percentage shares and the program takes over.  The K-1 screen for each beneficiary shows totals for the return and the beneficiary's share of each total.

The program automatically allocates expenses against tax exempt income and calculates DNI and the distribution deduction.  Because of the complexities of estate and trust income taxation, you always have the ability to override calculations for special situations.

SAXTAX depreciation handles through a separate full-featured Depreciation Program that calculates depreciation for up to six different depreciation "books":  (1) regular taxes;  (2) alternative minimum taxes;  (3) ACE;  (4) Internal (financial reporting);  (5) State; and (6) Other (user definable).  The normal cost of our Depreciation Program is $149, but it comes Free with the purchase of our 1041 Program.

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Click on the Thumbnails below to view sample program screens.

Federal 1041, Page 1
1041 Page 1
Federal 1041, Schedule K-1
1041 Schedule K-1

1041 Program Features

  • Instant Calculations with Ability to Override
  • Print Preview
  • Unlimited Number of Clients
  • Custom Client Bills
  • Batch Printing
  • Supporting Data Schedules for All Income and Expense Items
  • Transmittal Letters for Forms K-1
  • Single Entry Screen for K-1's
  • Year-to-Year Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Toll-Free Tech Support
  • Custom Transmittal Letters
  • Tickler Due Date Monitor
  • Full Featured Depreciation Program FREE with 1041 Program
  • Does Current and Prior Three Years Returns
  • Unlimited Number of Beneficiaries

1041 Forms

Form 1041 Form 4562 Form 8826 Schedule J
Form 1041-ES Form 4797 Schedule C Schedule K-1
Form 2210 Form 4952 Schedule D  
Form 2758 Form 6252 Schedule E  
Form 3800 Form 8736 Schedule F  

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