Easy to Use
If a single phrase could best describe our programs, it would be "Easy to Use." In our annual survey of customers, the overwhelming response is that ease of use is our best feature.

When you do need help, SAXTAX provides Toll-Free Telephone Support for all its programs - even its free ones like the CPE Planner.  And all of our support people are full-time, not just temporary during tax season. They are the same people who help design and test our programs. We know that you need immediate answers during your busy time. That's why you will always get to talk to a real person when you call us. No one does support better than SAXTAX.

You will find our prices to be more than competitive.  They are a special bargain if you take advantage of our early purchase discounts and/or one of our package plans. When comparing SAXTAX, be sure to consider: We Don't Charge for Shipping, and We Provide UNLIMITED Toll-Free Support.

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